Spent today in transit and getting my bearings. I also took some time to wander the Neustadt and make a mental map of the place. A “before picture,” if you will. The neighborhood was busy, with lots of people crowded into bars to watch the Germany-Poland EuroCup match. It ended in a 0-0 tie, much to everyone’s consternation. At the bar where I watched (Bar Paradox), the women working had painted German flags on their faces, and a few of the patrons wore garb adorned with the colors. One woman wore a hat sequined in the familiar red, gold, and black stripes.

Terrible photo taken with my phone.


Some folks were clearly preparing for the weekend’s BRN festival, too. One guy, at the corner of Alaunstraße and Jordanstraße was testing lights, making sure they synced up properly with the dance music he played.

One bar made a point of advertising the big DDR-themed party they’d be having during the festival, with specials for anyone coming in Young Pioneer garb or an East German uniform. This same place bills itself as “Dresden’s first molecular cocktail bar” and (from my brief look inside and the bar’s website) looks decidedly chichi. I am not sure yet how to reconcile these things, but I feel obliged at least to stop by and see what happens and who comes.

I think I have worked out my mapping strategy, and I will need to play recording rather by ear (pun unintended, but I’m certainly not changing it now). Tomorrow I start at the library to do follow-up work on an old project, and then I dive in.

Oh, and I saw this particularly delightful bit of graffiti on Bischofsweg:



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