The Obligatory Meta-Post

I had initially intended this series to be a collection of my field notes from BRN and the Neustadt. For some reason, it isn’t working the way I’d wanted it to. Some of it is that this whole idea of publishing ones notes – stuff that by definition isn’t fully cooked yet – makes me uneasy. But I think there’s other aspects of the problem which I need to deal with. And because ethnomusicologists love nothing better than to analyze something into the ground, I thought I would look at the process and try to figure out why this particular mode of note-keeping hasn’t been working for me:

  1. It demands internet access. That’s pretty basic. I can (and have) jotted down notes offline and then copied and pasted them into the blog. In that case, though, it feels like the original OpenOffice document is the actual thing, and this is some second step where I put the notes online, on the assumption that someone (?) would want to read another person’s research notes.
  2. Related to the above, I seem (at least for this particular project) to be keeping my immediate notes in a variety of media. Sometimes I jot down a note in a physical notebook that I carry with me everywhere. Often I use the Voice Memo feature on my phone while I am walking down the street and notice something. I take TONS of pictures: some on my phone (particularly if I want to be sure that EXIF metadata is attached to the image), and some on the old Pentax (when it’s something I might want to reproduce for publication later. I am using a combination of MyTracks and CartoDB for mapping. I recorded music primarily on a Zoom H4N (especially on Saturday), until that died on me; I switched to my phone to record the Sunday session. That’s a lot of different forms to try to concatenate in a single blog, especially if it is to be legible to anyone who doesn’t live inside my head.
  3. Therefore, I think this blog may be changing purpose. Yes, it will include field notes and research, but it may serve me better as a next step after initial field notes, a place for processing all this stuff I have to work with, maybe even organizing it into some sort of coherent form.

More as it occurs to me.

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