seedlings growing in a greenhouse

Cool and overcast, high 51F, low 49F

Potted up the violas two days ago, and I’m thrilled they are doing well. Less thrilled with the celery, which seems to be a complete bust. I’m retrying the asters and rudbeckia in the cold frame, so maybe that’ll do something. And the evening primrose in the fridge actually has a sprout, so I’m hoping more will emerge.

There are enough moving parts at this point that a table is warranted:

Ready to PlantPotted OnGerminatedStarted/Waiting
Sweet PeaSweet Pea
Snap Pea
Evening Primrose
Celery (sad trombone)

The cold frame is already packed: first batches of lettuce and parsley, snap peas, sweet peas, and some of the calendula. (I’m running an experiment there – half indoors and half in the cold frame.) Up until yesterday the cold frame also housed a new Korean Spice viburnum shrub that arrived on a day we had snow and freezing temps. Its new home is in front of the porch, on the site of the old (and now deceased) hydrangea.

I also still need to sow my Canterbury Bells, bluebonnets, lobelia, and another round of snap peas. Busy busy busy.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered 5 cubic yards of leaf mould to use as mulch in the two front beds and the magnolia bed. Hoping the Teen and a friend or two are interested in earning some cash to help spread it.

Daffodils are in full bloom now, and the hellebore is hanging on, but the crocuses are pretty much done for the season.