Compost and Mulch

Sunny, high 53F, low 29F

Today was spent on the least sexy of all garden things: compost and mulch. Yesterday’s blueberries used a lot of the compost from one bin, and I used another few wheelbarrows full to top-dress the two raised veg beds. The chives are already starting to poke out of the ground, and it looks like i’ll have another bumper crop of those. The strawberries are still dormant, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Then I decided to take the opportunity while the composter was mostly empty to move it. As it turns out, “mostly empty” means it still had enough in it to keep the base pretty firmly embedded, so the job isn’t done yet. I’ll be moving it to the south side of the barn, where it’ll still get full sun, and won’t be taking up space I want to use for a new bed.

The other chore was mulching the blueberries. It was a pretty good way to use the needles from the evergreen roping I had hanging up on the porch throughout December.

Update: I just needed to dig down even further into the finished compost, and then the base popped right out. The finished or nearly-finished compost will all be in the tumbler, so it can be close to the greenhouse. The two larger bins by the barn will be raw compost and partly-rotted. A whole compost system!

What’s Coming Up

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