Seed Starting

Pots with newly-sown seeds, covered with plastic

Last night I started the first of my flower seeds. New England Asters, Rudbeckia “Brown-eyed Susan,” Primula vulgaris, Monarda, and sweet peas. The asters and rudbeckia are currently stratifying in the fridge (which will undoubtedly confuse the bejebus out of Calvin next time I starts foraging for a snack), while the others have claimed space on the dining room table.

Today I’m going to pick up some more annual seeds (since I ended up with more perennial seeds than I’d planned in my first order), trying to focus on flowers that can handle partial or full shade. That should let me fill in some of the gaps in the magnolia bed, while I wait for the others to get established.

This evening I’ll start my celery, possibly some of the new annuals depending on what they need, and (if I’m feeling ambitious and can find more trays/plugs) the Lady’s Mantle and Achillea.

Other chores for the day include giving the miscanthus a pretty severe haircut in preparation for dividing it. The actual division is gonna be a challenge, though – it’s a big clump and I’ve left that job entirely too long.

The crocuses have started blooming, and I can see daffodil green in the woods, so spring is definitely coming.

Update: The grass has gotten its haircut, and it makes it really obvious how much the center of the clump has died off. It actually looks more like three individual smaller clumps now, which at least should make it clear how it should be divided.

I also pruned some leaves with brown spot off the hellebore Mom gave me, only to discover some new growth emerging underneath it. I’ll need to remember to be more diligent about clearing leaves from around that plant.

Purple leaves emerging from the ground
New hellebore growth

Update 2: I’ve now started my celery (‘Utah’) and my sugar snap peas. All the annuals can wait until a little later in the spring.

What’s Coming Up

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